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AM Security System Sewing Woven Label for Clothing-Woven Label

Short Description:

Labels for clothing EAS label source tag manufacturer supplier in china offering EAS AM or RF woven labels custom sewing labels source tag label for anti theft custom printed eco-friendly reusable bag custom printing sport cotton drawstring bag small cotton and linen jewelry package drawstring bags and so on.

Item specifics


Model Number:Woven Label

Type:AM Label


Color:White / customized


Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

AM Woven Label Clothing Security Alarm Sensor

①Put the label in a small woven bag, which can be sewn on the inside of the clothes, and it will alarm when passing through the anti-theft system

②Support multiple frequencies such as AM,RF and RFID to meet different needs

③The size of the small woven bag can be customized, whether it is large clothes or small accessories.

Product name

EAS AM Woven Tag


58 KHz(AM)

Item size 


Detection range

0.5-1.2m (depneds on the System & enviornment at site)

Working model



Customizable color



Main details of AM woven label :

1.General AM label cannot be used on clothes, they are mostly used on cosmetics, while hard tags are mostly used on clothes. The AM hard tag is bulky and inconvenient when trying on clothes.
2.The woven label can be sewn inside the clothes, which is not easy to detect, and the customer has almost no feeling when trying on the clothes.
3.When the customer has not paid, the alarm will be triggered when the woven label is passed through the anti-theft door, and the clerk can arrive in time.

Product Details


AM label + Woven bag


Customized according to customer requirements

Applicable Scene

The products can be widely used in the following commodities


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