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Etagtron is an innovative solutions provider committed to helping retailers thrive.

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It offers an extended detection range to RF and is normally less susceptible to external electronic interference.AM is more often seen in small to large clothing apparel outlets, large department stores, DIY shops, electronic shops, and pharmaceutical retailers where products have metallic components in their packaging.


RF is perfectly suited to retailers with a high volume of packaged products due to the convenience of adhesive, flat tags.That makes RF the system of choice for supermarkets, discount stores, chemists and video stores.That said, the ability to upgrade some RF EAS systems to RFID means its usage has recently grown in apparel stores.


RFID technology automates data collection and vastly reduces human effort and error.

RFID supports multiple RFID tags reading with no line-of-sight or item-by-item scans required,offering increases in efficiency.

All RFID tags within range can be detected instantly and matched with information in your database.

Assets can be cross-referenced against assigned locations and recorded as present, missing, or relocated.

RFID can be integrated with active scanning and fixed readers for a totally automated tracking solution.


A wide variety of retailers — including many top global department stores, supermarkets, and drug stores — are already using ESL,the potential benefits are Dynamic Centralized Pricing, In-Store Heat-Mapping,Automated Inventory Management.


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