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Clothing Security AM 58KHz Tags Alarm Sensors Hard Tag-Acute Pencil Tag

Short Description:

The Acute Pencil Tag is a shorter version of the popular Pencil Tags. A wound ferrite coil powers the Mini-Stylus, providing comparable performance to the Wave Tag. This tag can be removed from merchandise with any magnetic detacher.

Item specifics


Model Number:Acute Pencil Tag(No.018/AM)

Type:AM Tag


Color:Grey / White / Black


Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

AM Acute Pencil hard tag Clothing Security Alarm Sensor

①New ABS material of tag:beautiful color without any black spots,environmental protection and pollution-free

②Good cost performance and size,suitable for different sizes of goods

③Can work in 1.5 - 1.8m distance of AM EAS antenna gates,support all EAS AM systems to work together to achieve anti-theft function

Product name

EAS AM Hard Tag


58 KHz(AM)

Item size 


Detection range

0.5-2.8m (depneds on the System & enviornment at site)

Working model



Customizable color

Main details of AM hard tag-Mini pencil tag :

EAS-Hard Tag-Anti-theft-AM-Hard-Tag-Security-Tag-China-Original-Factory

1.Various Usage in textile clothes stores or supermarkets, not for clothes only, but also for shoes, scarf, wallet, handbag and so on; 

2.Long life usage,can be reused,never be degaussed,high quality with reasonable price.

3.Super Detection Large Pencil AM 58Khz Hard Tag For Apparel Anti Shoplifting,one of the more effective sound and magnetic tags, long sensing distance, suitable for shops with wide outlets.

Product Details

Internal Structure

High quality ABS+High sensitivity ferrite+Iron column lock


Regular printing is grey, black, white and other color, the logo can customize


Deactivate the tag with the AM 58KHz detacher.

Detection Distance


We have successfully applied this AM large pencil tag to various retail chain shops . The EAS large pencil tag can work together with steel pin or lanyard cable to attach on different kinds of retail commodities for store anti theft.
The detection distance is up to the environment of store,the less the interference factors, the better the detection effect.

Applicable  Scene


Workflow  Diagrams


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