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Solution for hypermarket

The security gates are installed at the entrance to the shop, the quantity of gate is determined by the width of the entrance and the type of gate.

Which tag or label will you be used?


For Garment:

Summer clothes, light Fabric such as dresses, skirts, play-suits, T-shirt, Etagtron provides security tag with short pin 16mm or customized for protecting them. Especially for silk cloth, using Etagtron's tag with lanyard through the button, which is better to prevent damage.


Tips: Insert the pins through garments then gently put into the tags. Never force the pin into the tags.

Winter clothes, Etagtron also can provide security tag with long pin or customized lanyard tag for protecting Down.


Etagtron offers several kinds of tags to protect varieties of shoes.


For Drinks:

Etagtron provide several different size security bottle wine tag,meeting your diverse needs.


When removing the tags,just use magnetic remover.


For Stationery Sports Goods

Etagtron can provide different size spider tags and safer to protect expensive goods.


Bags and Luaages belong to high value commodity, usually use self alarm tags to realize better protection effect. Etagtron offers several kinds of delicate self alarm tags to match with the bags and promote your brand image.

For Food

RF label is suit for chewing gum, or some of small pound food, and we can provide label with dummy code,not easy to be found, also have frozen RF label 40*40mm for frozen foods.


How to remove the tags or deactivate labels?


After being paid, you can remover these security from articles with our detacher or deactivator.

The quantity of detacher or deactivator is determined by the quantity of cashier desk.


Use magnetic detacher to remove the tag of magnetic lock.For label, there has deactivator to degaussing.