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Solution for Digital Shop

 As specialists in retail security solution, Etagtron has been creating a secure retail environment by protecting high value goods on open displays, utilising the combination of physical anti-theft technology and EAS RF or AM technology, which can perfectly protect all merchandises of digital store.

Our wide range of retail security products will assist not only in anti theft, but also provide a attractive and real shopping experience to customers.

Security Hook Stoplock


Security Spider Tag

Etagtron can provide different size spider tags and safer to protect expensive goods.


EAS System


Digital Shop can install the EAS security system according to the surroundings over their stores and adjust the installation range, even though this RF aluminum alloy is of very high detection sensor.

How to remove the tags or deactivate labels?


After being paid, you can remover these security from articles with our detacher or deactivator.

The quantity of detacher or deactivator is determined by the quantity of cashier desk.


Use magnetic detacher to remove the tag of magnetic lock.For label, there has deactivator to degaussing.