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Etagtron is an innovative solutions provider committed to helping retailers thrive.

About Etagtron

Etagtron is a high-tech enterprise offering professional management platform, intelligent RFID solution and smart loss prevention since 2010. Etagtron® operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in following business areas: EAS, RFID, source tagging and retail solution. Etagtron® provides EAS and RFID solutions for retail market, an array of RF label and RFID antenna brands operating in more than 150 countries. With the core technologies of RFID and EAS, our business fields have scaled from retail sector to automotive logistics sector. Utilizing advancing and innovative intelligent techniques, we can effectively help the enterprise realize the intelligent whole chain management and the transformation of ‘New Retail’ mode through big data identification, traceability and optimization in the cloud platform. We have offered professional services including consulting, design, R&D, execution and training to thousands of leading brands worldwide.

NEW RETAIL promotes the transformation and upgrading of the whole retail industry by merging online, offline and logistics integrating retail with new technology to change traditional shopping experience into a seamless experience by boosting their operational efficiency.Etagtron intelligent cloud platform utilizes Internet of Things (IOT) technology such as Sense, Transmission, Knowledge and Utilization. Integrating with RFID, wireless sensor, cloud computing, big data and security technologies, a brand can rely on these technologies to quickly scan and read the RFID label throughout the processes of receiving, stocktaking, inventory, shop management and security to identify and track the real-time status of articles. This application of item-level management can effectively improve operation efficiency, reduce loss prevention and obtain efficient big data for business insight.

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Value: Etagtron solutions deploying; Effectively speed up project; execution Reduce solution; management cost

Open docking mode: Third-party system docking; Data interaction; System integration; Resource sharing

Quick response: Real-time data mining; EAS monitor; People counting; Equipment management ; Remote controlling and tuning

One-stop management model: Multi - system Linkage; Management; Overall management; Big Data Storage Precise analysis

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