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RF Label Deactivator Active Anti-Theft Labels Degaussing

Short Description:

This EAS RF deactivator for soft labels uses a frequency of 8.2Mhz. The EAS RF deactivator deactivates soft labels quickly, bringing efficiency to your store. It employs advanced digital and microprocessor technology to deliver unparalalled performance. 

Item specifics


Model Number:CT3300

Type:RF Label Deactivators




Power Supply:Input 110-220VAC,Output 18-24VAC


Product Detail

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Product Description

RF Label Deactivator Active Anti-Theft Labels Degaussing

The EAS RF deactivator is fitted with a special type of toughened glass which has high strength and is wear-resistant.

This makes it super thin, small and beautiful.

High digital & microprocessor technology, strong stability, perfect and mature technique of one with two pads.

Can be worked with the POS, it is available as with one pad or two pads.


Product name

EAS RF Deactivator-CT330


8.2 M Hz(RF)



Pad Size


Detection range

1-5cm (depneds on the enviornment at site)

Power Supply

Input 110-220VAC,Output 18-24VAC



Main details of RF Label Deactivator :

1.Reminder function: Label is deactivated: "Di,Di.." sound and light
Label is not deactivated: Alarm bell and light .

2.Power unit: Laptop type power with high quality .

3.It fits neatly into or under the counter and can also be used to locate rogue hard tags that have not been removed.

4.Plug and play mounting options allow table top and flush mounting.

Product Using Description

Put the decoder on the cashier counter. When the customer takes the goods with the anti-theft label and goes through the cashier to check out, the cashier uses this decoder to demagnetize, and then when the customer takes out the goods, the anti-theft door will not alarm. Checkout and demagnetization,the anti-theft tag will trigger the anti-theft host to sound an alarm when passing through the anti-theft door to remind the clerk.


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