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Clothing Security AM 58KHz Tags Alarm Sensors-Mini Pencil Tag

Short Description:

The non-deactivatable, reusable Non-Adhesive Hard Tag delivers high-performance AM EAS technology in a small hard tag design.Featuring a modern, defeat-resistant design and easy application/removal at the point-of-sale, this ferrite tag is ideal for protecting a wide variety of merchandise.

Item specifics


Model Number:Mini Pencil Tag(No.001/AM)

Type:AM Tag


Color:Grey / White / Black


Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

AM Pencil Hard Tag Clothing Security Alarm Sensor

①Reduces lost sales and eliminates labour costs associated with in-store tagging, allowing store associates to better serve customers

②Multi-purpose tag secures hard goods, soft goods and everything in between

③Easy application and removal to help improve store operations

Product name

EAS AM Hard Tag


58 KHz(AM)

Item size 


Detection range

0.5-2.5m (depneds on the System & enviornment at site)

Working model



Customizable color

Main details of AM hard tag-Mini pencil tag :


1.Very Small Pencil shaped design.

2.Super-Lock Security Tag can be applied to a wide variety of apparel, minimizing the affect on even the most delicate garments.

3.Defeat resistant design. A rigid ABS plastic housing combined with a super-lock feature means only strong type detachers will open this tag.

4.This innovative tag is a best seller. Simple, discreet and extremely effective. The unique Mouse Tag brings together a pencil security tag and lanyard into one extremely useful product. Perfect for all types of application, including shoes and bags.

5.The Pencil tag is quick and easy to use. Available for any door entry/exit security system and also in all EAS frequencies.

Product Details

Internal Structure

High quality ABS+High sensitivity ferrite+Iron column lock


Regular printing is grey, black, white and other color, the logo can customize


Deactivate the tag with the AM 58KHz detacher.

Detection Distance


The anti-theft hard tag has a stable alarm function, can be strongly attached to the product, and has a longer service life. Hard tags are highly durable and can be reactivated for repeated use. They are mainly used in various scenarios such as supermarkets, clothing stores, tool stores, etc. They can be used on liquid and metal packaging, effectively reducing theft losses, increasing store profits, and improving the shopping experience.
The Pencil Mini anti-theft tag is a good in-between from the Pencil and the Pencil Super to protect items ranging from heavy materials to delicate apparel. Featuring a modern, defeat resistant design and easy application/removal at the point-of-sale, this tag works with Etagtron as well as all other AM 58Khz systems, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag is ideal for protecting a wide variety of merchandise to prevent shoplifting. It is designed for all AM 58KHz systems.

Applicable  Scene


Workflow  Diagrams


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