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Solution for Cosmetics Shop

The gates are installed at the entrance to the shop, the quantity of gate is determined by the width of the entrance and the type of gate.

Cosmetic Stores always sell various beauty and cosmetic products including Face makeup, Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care products, etc... Etagtron offers full range AM technology to protect cosmetic stores commodities.

Which label will you be used?


Security label for Beauty cosmetics:

Etagtron Supplies sticky AM label, insertable AM Label and waterproof AM Label to protect different cosmetic..


The type of AM Sticky Label:

Bar code

dummy bar code for better hide


applicable to light color packing es pecially white

color packing Printed logo is accepted


applicable to black color packing


meet special requirements

How to remove the tags?


After being paid, you can remover these security from articles with our deactivator,just put DR AM label close to the deactivator to degaussing.

The quantity of deactivator is determined by the quantity of cashier desk.