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Retail Ink Security RF Ink Hard Tag with Pin Clothing store-Ink Tag

Short Description:

Ink tag with pin can be used in anti-theft in supermarkets, clothing, library, mobile phone stores, bags, retail products, cosmetics, etc. This kind of tag is not easy to pull apart, once pulled apart, the ink will spill on the goods or clothes. Ink tag with pin are widely used abroad.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

RF Ink hard tag Supermarket Security Alarm Sensor

①The ink tag with pin comes in a brand new ABS plastic case, and the ink can be customized in any color.

② Ink tag with pin are common in clothing stores and are very effective against theft.  

③The normal service life can be used for more than six years, and its detection range is excellent.

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Product name

EAS RF Ink Hard Tag



Item size


Detection range

0.5-2.0m (depneds on the System & enviornment at site)

Working model



Customizable color

Main details of RF hard tag-Mini Dome tag:


1.This Ink Tag offers retailers an attractive and secure AM or RF hard tag/benefit denial ink tag combination.

2.The tag is equipped with two ink vials, an AM or RF circuit, and a SuperLock Clutch.  A clear plastic, dome shaped pin is used to connect the tag to retail merchandise.

3.As with all of our ink tags, a warning can be printed to inform potential shoplifters what will happen if the tag is removed by force.  We can print custom warnings, as well as store logos for larger volume orders.

Product Details

Internal Structure 

High quality ABS+High sensitivity coil+Iron column lock


Regular printing is grey, black, white and other color, the logo can customize.
Different size and style for your choose.


Deactivate the tag with the RF 8.2MHz detacher.


Detection Distance


This Ink Tag protects products from accessories to sportswear. It features a visible ink vial (red and blue) with a universal warning, providing a strong visual deterrent for would-be thieves. The longest detection distance can reach 1.5m with good environment .

When the sensitivity is weak, the best state can be achieved by debugging the system.


Applicable Scene


Workflow Diagrams


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