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EAS Antenna Clothing Store Security System Anti-theft Alarm of AM 58khz EAS Antenna-PG200

Short Description:

This detection system features Etagtron AM EAS technology for the highest level of theft detection with up to 2.5m (8ft 2in) coverage for wide or multiple exits.Its thin, narrow, open-frame design is constructed of high-quality acrylic, preserving store aesthetics and delivering the right look for virtually any retail setting.

Item specifics


Model Number:PG200

Type:EAS AM system


Color:gray/ white

Working Voltage:110~230V 50~60HZ

Product Detail

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Product Description

clothing shop alarm anti theft gate system

Transparent acrylic form factor preserves store aesthetics

Consistent 2.5m (8ft 2in) global detection performance protects critical assets

Embedded people-counting sensors capture shopper visits to help maximize store performance

Single,double and multiple antennas for the option,meet customized needs


Product name

EAS AM System


58 KHz(AM)



Packing size 


Detection range

0.6-2.2m (depneds on the tag & enviornment at site)

Working model


Opreation voltag

110-230v  50-60hz



Main details of supermarket security sensor :


1.High standard & elegant transparent acrylic material. Resistant to high temperature& high pressure; novel material, good and simple look.

2.Master-slave convergence, normal operation by single antenna; self-tuning circuit; zero false positives,self-regulating synchronization,adjustable sensitivity; Unique sound and light alarm; Can detect all the 58kHz soft label ,hard tags and special 58kHz tags.

3.Unsurpassable in stability of anti-theft monitoring and long service life compared with ordinary products;

4.Advanced digital signal processing technology can conduct periodic self-monitor and automatic gain control to surrounding environment.


Master Board


Slave Board

Product Details

Customized Logo

Customize your logo to make it more attractive.

Acrylic Material

Superior acrylic material,elegant and transparent

Metal Cover

Strong and reliable, anti-collision and waterproof

Detection Distance


One piece of antenna can cover detect range from 0.5m to 2.4m (Depending on the actual circumstance), The widest protection range between two antennas can reach 1.5m with the soft DR labels.Can protect 5.8m width entrance with three antennas work synchronously. It is fused perfectly with the exquisite decoration of the malls, easily protect various width of retail store exits;so it is suitable for the upmarket malls.
By increasing numbers of anti-theft antenna , the store exits can be widen infinitely, Multiple antenna simultaneously use without synchronization on-line.

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