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EAS Retail Store 58khz AM Clothing Shop Alarm Anti-theft Aystem Gate-PT309

Short Description:

This AM system works on the principle that a transmitter sends out a signal in bursts which energise tags within the pedestal zone. When the pulse ends, the tag responds. Between bursts, the tag’s signal is detected by a receiver. Therefore, if an active tag passes between the pedestals, an alarm will sound.

Item specifics


Model Number:PG218

Type:EAS AM system



Working Voltage:110~230V 50~60HZ

Product Detail

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Product Description

Retailer Shop Alarm Anti-theft EAS System

Refine the essence of Chinese and Western art,break through the traditional design thinking,show the superiority after combination.

Fashional and elegant appearance,strong transmission of light,good wear resistance and keep the shape.

Stainless steel bottom box with wear resistance,weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

The power support plug and play


Product name

EAS AM System-PG218


58 KHz(AM)



Packing size 


Detection range

0.6-2.5m (depneds on the tag & enviornment at site)

Working model


Opreation voltag

110-230v  50-60hz



Main details of clothing store security sensor :

1.It is designed to be a cost effective solution to secure your store against theft using the reliable AM Technology.

2.It is a standard two-pedestal EAS system with a high resistance to interference and simple tuning, which makes it a reliable choice for any store.

3.This system can be installed in an unlimited amount in one location. Simple synchronization settings enable all of them to work together simultaneously.

4.For narrow doors, it is even possible to use a single antenna - and for wider doors, more antennas can simply be added. The AM system includes jammer detection to prevent thieves from blocking the system while attempting to leave the store with stolen items.


Master Board


Slave Board

Product Details

Customized Logo on the base cover

Customize your logo to make it more attractive.

Acrylic Material

Superior acrylic material,elegant and transparent

LED Light

Providing a visual deterrent against theft 

Detection Distance


Covering 1.7~1.8m with DR label by two antennas.Stable performance with convenient installation.One primary antenna can work with two secondary antenna.
By increasing numbers of anti-theft antenna , the store exits can be widen infinitely, Multiple antenna simultaneously use without synchronization on-line.

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