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EAS Alarm Security AM 58khz EAS Anti theft System Clothing Stores Antenna-PG218

Short Description:

This EAS system is AM 58KHz technology with the features of wide detection coverage (up to 2.5 m) and high sensitivity. Its transparent and open-frame design is appropriate for store design delivering the appreance of simplicity and reliability for an attractive, affordable EAS solution. Item specifics


Model Number:PG218

Type:EAS AM system



Working Voltage:110~230V 50~60HZ

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

Clothing Shop Alarm Anti-theft EAS System

Structure features a breakthrough design, use transparent acrylic body. Firm, durable, beautiful.

Positive cooling for base cover vacancy, fast heat dissipation.Can be very good to adapt to high temperature environment.

Strong anti-interference ability, high stability,perfect performance on site

Suitable for store, fashion mall, up-end clothing store, and so on


Product name

EAS AM System-PG218


58 KHz(AM)



Packing size 


Detection range

0.6-2.5m (depneds on the tag & enviornment at site)

Working model


Opreation voltag

110-230v  50-60hz



Main details of clothing store security sensor :

1.Transparent Body Of Excellent Looking.The acrylic material of this AM system makes it of transparent surface and body, which is quite high quality and nice looking. It's widely welcome and used in various garment stores, shoe stores and other retail stores.

2.Excellent Alarming Function With Elegant Design.The high end looking of this EAS AM system gates enables itself to be used for some high end retail brands. The detection function is good while price economical. It's one of the best hot sell anti theft EAS systems in our company.

3.The AM 58KHz EAS system is widely used for garment stores, shoe stores, bag stores, wallet stores, Toy stores, book stores or other retail stores. The high sensitivity and excellent alarming function makes the system antenna gates work and fit for all kinds of EAS security tags and labels.


Master Board


Slave Board

Product Details

Customized Logo on the base cover

Customize your logo to make it more attractive.

Acrylic Material

Superior acrylic material,elegant and transparent

LED Light

Providing a visual deterrent against theft 

Detection Distance


For AM soft label,the detection range is 0.6-0.8m with one piece system;for AM hard tag,the detection range is 0.9-1.2m with one piece system.More system can be installed in long distance entrance.

How to install :

1. All 220V AC power used by all antennas must be one way.

2. There should be no large metal objects  within 1.5m around the system.

3. The distance between the decoder installation should be more than 1.5m away from the system.

4. Equipment installation should be as far as possible from the escalators and elevators.

5. The equipment is divided into two types: the master unit and the slave; the master is the alarm antenna, and the LED indicator is displayed above the power supply. The slave is the antenna with the detection range and there is no alarm function.

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