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AM RF Retail Security Anti-theft Lanyard

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Product Detail:

The extra long security tag lanyard is super strong and reusable. It is ideal for the protection of bikes, tools or any other heavy goods. The lanyard is looped at one end, with a pin at the other, and is 170mm,200mm long. Other lanyard lengths are available upon request.

Item specifics


Model Number:Anti-theft Lanyard(/AM or RF)

Type:EAS Lanyard

Dimension:175mm,200mm or customized

Color: black,white or Customized

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

AM RF Retail Security Anti-theft Lanyard

① EAS Lanyard is an EAS accessories, which is used together with a hard tag or pin to protect merchandises, such as bags, leather jackets and so on. 

 ②Looped at one end with a pin at the other end to insert into hard tag. The length of EAS lanyard can be 175mm or customized. 

③Lanyards are used to secure Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft tags to merchandise that is otherwise difficult to tag, such as sandals, handbags and heavy clothing. The lanyards are looped through the sandal strap or the handbag handle and then fastened to the EAS Hard Tag.The color of EAS lanyard can be white or black.

Product name

EAS Anti-theft Lanyard


58 KHz / 8.2MHz(AM / RF)

Item size 

175mm,200mm or customized

Working model



Black,white or customized

Matched use tag

Pencil tag,square tag,R50,RFID tag

This lanyard is made of twisted Multi-fibre steel wire.

This clever device is a cross between a double loop lanyard and a steel flex string. Neat, tidy and secure. Suitable for almost every type of tag. Pin Lanyards are widely used in retail shops. Some products like leather handbags, suitcases, shoes are not suitable for pins.

Pin Lanyards are ideal for these products and make your tagging free of hassle.

Product Using Way

Can be used with a variety of tags:

Simple binding is mainly used for high-end, easily damaged, can not have defects of all kinds of luggage, leather goods, valuables


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