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AM RF Bottle tag Retail Security Alarm Sensor

Short Description:

Product Detail:

EAS bottle tag which is very versatile and works with almost all bottles to prevent shoplifting. It utilizes a strong metal cable which allows it to be customizable for virtually any bottle thickness, including very large bottles. It is easily removed with one hand at the point of sale with a quick tap on the Designer Super Detacher making it a low labour device.

Item specifics


Model Number:Bottle Tag(No.002/AM or RF)

Type:Bottle Tag


Color:Black or Customized

Frequency:58KHz or 8.2MHz

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

AM RF Bottle tag Retail Security Alarm Sensor

①Single frequency or dual frequency can be used, whether it is acousto-magnetic or radio frequency

②The wire rope on the head of tag is tied to the head of the bottle, which does not affect the viewing of the product.The length of the wire rope can be customized

③Easy to unlock, use a high magnetic unlocker to remove the label


Product name

EAS AM RF Bottle Tag


58 KHz or 8.2MHz(AM or RF)

Item size 


Detection range

0.5-2.5m (depneds on the System & enviornment at site)

Working model



Customizable color

Main details of EAS Bottle tag :

  1. The RF system will sense the coil inside the tag and emit an alarm sound and a red light warning.
  2. When using, you need to use the lock opener to unlock the label, and then pull the cord buckle to buckle the bottle head, and then gently tighten the label

Product Details


Internal Structure 

  • High quality ABS+High sensitivity coil+Iron column lock


Regular printing is black,can do other color, the logo can customize



Deactivate the tag with the detacher.

Detection Distance


Receive Model

Transmit Model

Receive Model

♦This tag is mainly used to install on wine bottles, such as red wine, and work with the anti-theft device and unlocker supporting system.

♦When the customer pays at the cashier during the purchase, the cashier can use the unlocker to unlock the tag. If the payment is not made or theft is committed, the anti-theft device will sense the tag when passing through the anti-theft device, and an alarm will be triggered in time Signal, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-theft, the tag can be reused.

Applicable Scene


Workflow Diagrams


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